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As I lay back down on the grass they launch themselves simultaneously on top of me. Although it's fun to play tug-o-war with my sleeves by far the greatest prize is a healthy mouthful of hair. Terriers have more energy than all other breeds of dogs put together and young puppies have such pin sharp teeth. I shield my camera carefully yet forgive them instantly. As I frame the perfect picture, about to press the shutter, one of them leaps onto my face. The sun drops near the horizon and one by one they begin to tire, each snuggling onto my lap.

This is how my love of photography began. And I look forward to reliving these moments whenever I can.

My love of all things nature soon developed into a passion for landscape photography.

I am a New Zealander living on the Gold Coast, Australia. I love to return home to photograph snowcapped mountains mirrored in azure lakes, desolate untamed beaches and country roadsides dotted with lupins.

Through my photographs I hope to inspire people to travel and see the world. For travel can act in a powerful way to change people for the better. I hope that on returning home they act in ways that are kinder to animals, the environment and to humanity. I hope that their lives are richer through experiences and memories. And when they visit I hope that they hop off the beaten track and muddy their boots for their conversations will be all the richer for doing so.

  • Alaska
  • Boris, Roxy and Jaffa
  • Bramble and Keisha
  • Luca
  • Love on fire
  • Nature is magic
  • Baby, hold on
  • Just one kiss

Tread lightly on this earth so you can share it with others - (animals, people of the third world and future generations)

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